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Welcome to Angry Badger!

Angry Badger is a consulting and web application development company. Despite the techie language we sometimes use, we do understand that technology is just a tool. The critical portion of what we do is work to understand your business goals, problems and opportunities, and design the right solutions for you. This may include technology, but it may also include process or communication change.

Our philosophy is simple: Do what's right for the customer. We don't try to generate work for ourselves, or push you down a certain path just because it's lucrative for us. We would rather have less work if it means a satisfied customer. A long-term relationship with a client who trusts us is more important than short-term income.

Think of us as that corner auto mechanic who will do exactly what it takes to fix your car without suggesting a bunch of other costly repairs just because he can.

Browse the site, see what we do, and if you're ready to discuss how we can help you, contact us.

Who We Are

My name is Bill Joynt, and I'm the owner of Angry Badger. I have more than 20 years of experience in IT, consulting, project management, and web application development. I've worked as webmaster and security manager for a major bank, an IT manager and developer for a mid-sized business, and a project manager and consultant.

Along with our sister company, Finite Wisdom, we bring a variety of technical, consulting, and project management skills to the table. A few of the primary people are:

Joshua Golub, the founder of Finite Wisdom, has been a professional software developer for over 20 years. During his first decade, he focused on relational database systems for the desktop, workgroup and enterprise. During his second decade, he focused on web applications - "making the web do useful stuff." As his third decade begins, he has turned his attention to cloud computing and the development of massively distributed applications.

Steve Paulson has been a professional software developer for over 15 years. Steve has spent the majority of this time building web applications and designing relational data structures. He also has become more involved in the user experience and information architecture side of the development process.

Phil Plante has over 15 years experience as a professional software developer. Phil began by developing GUIs for industrial machinery. After baptism by fire in Borland's C++ OWL framework, Phil moved on to Borland Builder, C#, and Visual Basic. For the past few years, he has focused on Google App Engine development. His web programming skills have evolved to include Python, Django, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

What We Do

What we do is help businesses accomplish goals. That may be efficiency or communication issues, organization improvement, product development, new customer channels, or any number of other areas. Our focus is on the conception and development of browser-based applications, in conjunction with process improvement within your business to accomplish these goals.

We use a variety of tools to do this. ColdFusion, PHP, jQuery, SQL Server, Oracle, Google Application Engine, mobile applications, and many other server- and cloud-based technologies are all possible platforms that can be brought to bear.

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